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The Media Theatre




Brand Identity Design
Instructor - Soonduk Krebs
Photography - Austen Hart

The Media Theatre




The Media Theatre was originally constructed in 1927 as a vaudeville house. The ornate physical structure of the Theatre certainly represents the historic presence and unique value of downtown Media. After a massive renovation in 1993, the theatre was restored to its former aesthetic glory. The theatre is now a growing non-profit organization that has been operating as a professional theatre in Delaware County since the year 2000. The mission of the Media Music Theatre Company is to promote and nurture the imagination, diversity, and joy unique to music theatre by the production of new and classic works; to herald musical theatre to young people as an art form that is relevant to their lives and to foster an understanding by them that it is indigenous to their cultural heritage. 





The Media Theatre’s original logo did not represent the rich culture and history of both the theatre and downtown Media. It was originally a simple sans serif with lines boxing it in on the top and bottom. I started my process of redesigning the logo by researching the architecture and ornate structure of the theatre. In the process of doing this, I found that the décor of the theatre often features circular floral designs that appear on the front of the building and inside on both the walls and flooring. This romantic design is often used in old vaudeville house’s around the world and reminds attendees that they are visiting a historic site. I used this floral element as the center point of the logo and paired it with both a Didone serif typeface and an elegant sans serif that features both thick and thin lines. I added EST. 1927 into the lockup to connect the logo more with the theatre’s history.