Moon Mates




Product Design
Instructor - Bryan Satalino
Photography - Austen Hart


Moon Mates is a Product Design I created for kids. The main product is nightlights of various nocturnal animals. Bedtime can be really hard for parents of young children. Children often want to stay up, or have a hard time falling asleep. Some of this comes from a common fear of the dark. According to one study, 73% of children between the age of 4-12 have a fear of the dark. Moon Mates could be a solution to this. Nightlights that are themed around animals who stay awake throughout the night could be a fun way to get children excited for bed. They are also something comforting for children to look at while laying in bed before falling asleep. Parents could teach their kids about the different animals and what it means for them to be nocturnal. The children would then know that while they are asleep at night, the nocturnal animals are awake all night there to protect them. I then expanded this product to pajamas and walls decals.