Buzz Cut




Packaging Design
Instructor - Paul Sheriff
Photography - Austen Hart


Buzz Cut is a Sapphire Gin brand that I created, inspired by both the color of Barbicide and a word play on the term Buzz, relating to both Buzz Cuts and the “Buzz” one gets from drinking alcohol. I wanted the design to have both an elegant and clean approach while also feeling edgy and approachable. I used a color palette that would relate directly to Barber shops, but changed the white to a cream in order to make the product have a more subtle and appealing feel. The holder for the gin alludes to a Barbers Pole that appears outside of many Barbershops. While doing research for this product, I found that many states now allow Barber Shops and Hair Salons to obtain a liquor license and serve complimentary liquor and wine to their costumers. I grew up working in a hair salon, so I know that it is a place many come to to relax and enjoy themselves. I imagine this product could be bough by high end Barber’s to serve to costumers or anyone Sapphire Gin lovers.