Brooklyn Gourmet




Packaging Design
Instructor - Paul Sheriff
Photography - Austen Hart


Brooklyn Gourmet is a hypothetical artisan Brooklyn Deli inspired food company that would provide quality food products based off of different cultures. The packaging design I created is for three different kinds of mustards based off of France, Italy and Germany. The packaging design has the flag of the specific country the mustard originates from on the cap and down the center of the jar under the label. I created the label designs in the style of immigration inspection cards from Ellis Island. All of the food in America comes from so many different cultures around the world and many people do not take the time to appreciate where the specific sauce or food they are eating originates. This packaging design allows people to clearly see the origin of the sauce, the ingredients and what it is supposed to be served with. I chose to put the ingredients on the front of the design to draw attention to the little amount of ingredients present and the gourmet quality of the product.